Ma Cuisine Ojai

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Sample Menus

Ma Cuisine offers vegetarian, vegan and non vegetarian dishes from world cuisine

Every menu is tailored to your specific needs, and range from health focused simplicity to sophisticated epicurian celebration. The aim is to create well-being and wholeness with delicious tasting fare

We take to heart your requests, your ideas and your budget.


Chevre & lemon turnovers
Ahi tuna tartare with miso yuzu wasabi sauce
Moroccan spiced meatballs
Feta and zucchini fritters
Thai fresh spring rolls with shrimp
Spicy beef empanaditas with avocado relish
Lemon & saffron chicken brocchettes
Wild mushrrom, garlic & thyme bouchees
Blue cheese, mascarpone & red onion confit quichettes
Fragrant coconut shrimps in spoons
Cucumber cups with smoked trout mousse
beef brisket canapes with horseradish cream

Ayurvedic Menu
Ginger squash soup with white miso
Vegetable stir-fry with teriyaki sesame tofu
Brown rice pilaf
Apple berry cobbler


Indian Vegetarian Menu
North indian lentil dhal
mixed vegetable curry
palak paneer - spinach with cheese
chapatis or naan bread
rice pudding


French Provencal Menu
Mussels in saffron broth
Chicken with lemon, olives & white wine sauce
Potato gratin with garlic & rosemary
Ratatouille vegetables
Tarte tatin




Ojai orange Cheesecake
Mini molten chocolate cakes
Crepes suzettes
Tarte tartin
Berry brulee tarte
Apricot clafoutis

Orange gateau with orange liqueur
Merlot poached pears with anis, cinamon & hot dark chocolate drizzle



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