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The Chef


Mission statement 

Food is  a primary source of joy. Nourishing body, mind and spirit it is a daily celebration of life.
Preparing food according to traditional principles of health and balance creates harmony and well-being.
Whether a dish is thai, french or traditional japanese, there is a quality of balance of elements that makes food satisfying and nourishing.

"  It is with this principle in mind that I create  my dishes. "
Patricia Cuenot

Born and raised in Paris and later Ireland,  Patricia learned cooking basics from her mother, who was an accomplished cook and from whom she got her expertise of traditional french cooking. Patricia expanded her culinary training with intensive studies of holistic health, nutrition and macrobiotic cooking. She widened her exposure to other cuisines through years of travel to India, Japan, Morocco and the Far East.

She came to live in California looking for a more creative way to express her love of cooking and the healing power of food.

Ojai became home in 1996 when she became a personal chef and  her work and passion for this valley and the wonderful foods it produces have kept growing ever since

Contact me   805-252-5882 or

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